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Automobile Elevators are designed for moving cars in car showrooms, garages, homes and more, our car elevators provide compact, easy-to-use basement or rooftop parking solutions for cities like New Delhi, Gurugram, Noida and high density spaces. At Risegrid Elevators we offer a range of car elevator models, customized to your individual requirements by our team of experienced professionals.
As urban densification continues, the need for parking space grows. The Automobile Elevator has become increasingly popular as the ideal solution for use in parking garages, condominiums, car dealerships and homes in busy urban environments. Risegrid Elevator’s Automobile Elevators offer building planners, architects and home owners greater flexibility in design which can help curb the cost of land in expensive commercial areas and allow for significant space savings as well as enhancing the resale value of the building.
Risegrid Elevator works closely with each client to design the elevator to meet their exact needs, such as platform size, door orientation, travel height & speed. The end product is a very safe, robust and convenient elevator, with a lifespan as long as the building itself.


  • Robust structure
  • High strength
  • Less maintenance

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